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The Results are In

Good evening Spartan Families,

I want to thank those families that took the time to vote on this very important issue. 56 families submitted votes. With the votes tallied the results; 64% of the votes in favor of North Sound Junior Football League and only 36% voting in favor of North Cascades Youth Football League. The board and myself are committed to making this 'your' league. We will be submitting a letter of interest the NSJFL. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I anticipate them voting us into the league, we will be participating in the NSJFL starting the 2015 season.

We appreciate the input we've received regarding both leagues. We have also heard and appreciate the concerns. Clearly with roughly 1/3 of our parents voting for NCYFL, there is bound to be a few families upset with this decision. First, let me assure you, I wouldn't have let it get to a vote if I felt NSJFL was a bad league to be a part of. Both leagues has its pros and cons. Despite its differences, I am encouraged at the direction the new board of NSJFL has taken their league. They have done their part to eliminate or limit the "less than desirable" policies that were a part of the old WESCO, even going as far as barring some of the problem programs from league. Another thing that encourages me is the constant self-evaluation NSJFL puts themselves through. They are always trying to better their league. For some, change is scary. My son has only ever participated in the NCYFL, so this will be a new experience for him and us. One change SYF will have to make is our age structure. The board and I will be working to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible.

We had informed the NCYFL board that this decision was on the table. They assured us that SYF was in good standing. If the decision to leave was made, we would be welcomed back in the future if we should choose to do so. Here is what the NCYFL had to say:

Wanted to let you know that we the NCYFL have enjoyed the level of competition and sportsmanship that your program has added to the NCYFL. I can assure you that whatever you decide, you will always be held in high regard with the NCYFL.

On a more personal level, I as a Burlington Edison football coach, I have met some outstanding coavhes & members of your board. In addition my teams have played against some great Stanwood teams with some outstanding ball players. So from myself, your absence will be missed in the NCYFL.

Good luck and Go Spartans!!!

Moritz W Hamidou (Ritz)

I want to encourage all our families, regardless of the situation, to make the most of your child's experience. They're only young once and they only participate in youth football for a limited time. We, as parents, can help shape and mold the experience they will have in the NSJFL. I want to encourage our families to embrace the change and make it a positive experience in your player's life. I am excited to be facing different programs and the level of competition they will bring.

As I said at the parent meeting last year, this league will be what you make it. My vision for making this town a first class football powerhouse remains strong. In order to accomplish this goal we need to achieve it as 'ONE". The first NSJFL board meeting will be on February 8th. I will be attending and I'll keep you updated as to what occurs. SYF will have a board meeting on Monday, February 16th (President's Day) 6:00pm at the Stanwood Library. If you have any questions at all please to hesitate to contact me personally at contact info below or at our general email or any other member of the board.

Go Spartans!!

Josh Houston, President

Stanwood Youth Football


2015 Season! Board Meeting January 19th 6pm

Hello and Happy New Year Football Families! We hope this email finds you all well. If you can believe it Stanwood Youth Football is getting geared up for the 2015 Season!

BOARD MEETING - our next board meeting on Monday, January 19th 6pm at Stanwood Library. This is MLK day and the library will be closed but there is a side entrance to a conference room.

GEAR RETURN - To those who haven't yet turned in your gear. We will have a gear return on Wednesday, January 21 6pm-7pm. Please plan to be there or have a friend bring in your equipment. We must receive the gear by this date as equipment will be sent out shortly for recertification and safety checks. If you used your own personal helmet last year and plan to use it again, this must be turned in ASAP to us for recertification.

VOLUNTEERING - There are board member positions opening up this year as well as, committee positions so please consider stepping up to help. We simply can't do this without the support of our families. We are especially focusing on getting board members/volunteers from the younger teams such as Pee-Wee and Midget groups. A number of our current board members have older kids leaving the program within a year or two and we would like to have some training years in place to handoff. If interested, please send email to

MEETING AGENDA - Below you'll find the meeting agenda. One of our most major decisions to make this year is whether or not to stay with the North Cascades Youth Football League (last year's league) or to move south to the North Sound Junior Football League. We've comprised a list of the top comparisons between both leagues. Please take a moment to read them and if you wish to know more, you can visit each of the leagues websites listed below. Your input in this decision is VERY important to us and we need to hear your feedback. Come to the meeting on Monday AND share your feedback on the survey (link below).

SURVEY - Also, please take a few minutes (AFTER reviewing the League Comparisons below) to complete our post 2014 Season Survey. This is a short survey that we encourage all of our football families to complete prior to our board meeting. We like to hear your feedback on the things we've done well in and for the areas that need improvement. We are always up for suggestions, ideas and your creative thoughts. We appreciate it! Thank you.

Monday, January 19th, 2015 Meeting Agenda:

  • Treasury Report
  • End of year Review
  • Roles and Responsibilities (Gear, Camp, Car Wash, Fundraising, Community Development, Website Development, Concessions, Team Mom Coordinator, Coaching Coordinator etc)
  • Survey Results
  • Board Members (resignations, current and new applicants)
  • Registration (timeline, fees, method of payments)
  • Discuss Bylaws and possible amendments
  • Directions of the League for 2015 NCYFL (North) or NSJFL (South)
  • Coaches
  • Season Calendar

If you need to make contact with us, please email us at or by calling (425) 754-2618. Visit our website or visit our Facebook Page. Looking forward to another exciting season! Go Spartans!


NCYFL (North)

NSJFL (South)

USA Football Certified

Not USA Football Certified*

League Fees

No League Fees

Season: 1st Game begins last week of August and goes through 1st week of Nov (playoffs included)

Season: 1st Game begins Saturday after Labor Day and goes through end of Nov (playoffs included)

Weekly weigh-ins

No weight limit

No play downs

No play downs (starting 2015 season)

No out of district players

2 out of district players allowed

Jamboree (middle of August) has no effect on the season

Jamboree(end of August) is used to create divisions based on strength

No recalibrated divisions

Recalibration of divisions happens a little past ½ season based on record to keep even competition

Top 4 in each division receive playoff birth

Non playoff teams play a "bowl-game" at the end of the year

North Whidbey Officiating Association

Snohomish County Officiating Association

League opponents are smaller schools, with exception of to Mt. Vernon and Oak Harbor

League Opponents are in line with who Stanwood High School competes against

6 play minimum rule

No minimum play rule*

No dual Participation in Middle School football

Dual participation allowed in middle school football

North Cascade League Handbook

North Sound League Handbook

Division Age Breakdown:

Pee-Wee's - 5, 6, 7, 8

Midgets - 9, 10

Juniors - 11,12

Seniors - 13

Division Age Breakdown:

Pee-Wee's - 5,6,7

89er's - 8,9

Juniors - 10,11

Bantam - 12

Seniors - 13

* These rules are set for the NSJFL league but could possibly be entered as separate rules of our own organization, if voted and approved.

From: NCYFL President

I would like to welcome all of you to the North Cascade Youth Football League. I am looking forward to a great season.

It has come to my attention that there is already some misconception on our splitting of a couple of the divisions into two conferences, specifically the PeeWees, Midgets, and Juniors. I would like to assure you that it is in no way intended to setup a lesser and greater talented conference. In fact, the top 4 from each conference will play each other in the post season. The intention of the split is ensure that, in the event a town has two teams in one division those teams do not play each other in the regular season and will only meet in the postseason. The teams are put into the respective conferences via a random draw. The first team drawn goes into the "A" conference, the second team drawn goes into the "B" conference. Then the drawing continues repetitively until all the teams are placed. In the event one of the multiple city teams is drawn and put into for example the "A" conference, their sister team is automatically placed into the "B" conference. So again I want to reiterate that in no way is one conference presumed to be weaker or stronger. It is just a random placement.


Moritz Hamidou (Ritz)
President NCYFL

Player Safety Update

Dear Parents,

For the past 34 years, Stanwood Youth Football has been committed to our children by instilling timeless values and physical fitness through the fun of football.

And now we've found a way to do it better.

By partnering with USA Football, the official youth football development partner of the NFL, we have strengthened our program by adopting Heads Up Football, a new way to teach and play better, safer football.

Endorsed by medical experts in the area of concussion as well as football experts on all levels of the game, Heads Up Football affords our league the following:

  • Football's only nationally certified coaching education course for all head and assistant coaches
  • Concussion awareness and education for all coaches
  • Safer tackling techniques to lessen the risk for head injuries
  • League-wide instruction on proper equipment fitting, helmets in particular
  • The latest information on heat- and hydration-related issues

USA Football's Heads Up Football program also includes two clinics before the start of the season: an instructional clinic for coaches and a player safety clinic for parents and players.

In addition to earning coaching certification, each Stanwood Youth Football League coach receives USA Football's online coaching tools to better teach your child, including a video drills library, a practice planner, playbooks and more.

Parents are encouraged to be involved throughout the process to ensure their youth players are learning Heads Up Football skills. Take full advantage of the health and safety resources offered by USA Football, by registering for a free Parent/Player Membership at

Your child's health and safety is our highest priority - nothing else comes close. With your involvement and through new and exciting teaching resources, I look forward to our finest season to date, in 2014.


Bobby Drake, Players Safety Coach

Stanwood Youth Football League

Message from the President

Greetings Spartan Families,

Welcome to the NEW Stanwood Youth Football page. Please feel free to look around the site. We are excited about the new and improved site, as it is full of useful information. Our intent is for this to be a dynamic source of league information. As new information develops the web page will reflect that.

We want to welcome all of you to the 2014 season. Our goal this year is to really turn this league over to you. We want this to be a community run organization. We feel that the more people are involved and the more ownership they take in this league it makes this league that much better. As you know it takes countless hours for the day to day operations of this league to be successful. So, if you see a need somewhere feel free to step up and help out. This league will reflect the effort of this community… will be what YOU make it.

We are excited to have the high school football coach, Dave Telford, help guide the direction of this league. It is our goal to become a true feeder organization to the High School program. It is our goal to turn Stanwood into a Powerhouse football town once again. We believe a successful sports scene can help revitalize many areas in our community. We hope that you will join us in that endeavor.

With growth and change often follows growing pains. There may be a new way of doing things in some areas this year. We ask for you grace as we implement some policies that we feel will strengthen the long term health of the program. Along with the web site, we envision this league to be dynamic too. We are willing to try new things as well as honor the traditions in place.

There is still a need for coaches. There is also a need for several people to fill in support staff positions. Please reach out and communicate to us if you are interested. We have received some interest from some of you. If you haven't heard back from us yet, thanks for your patience, we haven't forgotten about you. We will be reaching out to you shortly. It takes hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours to get this organization up and rolling.

It's our hope that Stanwood Youth Football will be a leader in areas of sportsmanship, competition, community service, and support. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me or any other member of the board. We will do our best to help in any way we can. Here's to a successful 2014 season.

Go Spartans!!!

Josh Houston
President of Stanwood Youth Football