USA Football
  • Jason Toner President

    Jason has been part of Stanwood Youth Football for five years and this is his first year as president. Jason believes strongly in the value of youth sports and the great sports community of Stanwood Camano.

  • Korey White Secretary

    After first gaining experience with SYF as a parent in the 2014 season, Korey joined the board in 2015.  Living in a Spartan household, Korey has 3 kids (Cohen - current Junior,  Callie - current Spartan Cheerleader, and Cason - Peewee) and in his non-football hours is a Manager at Regence BlueShield.

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  • Justin Curtis Treasurer
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  • Jason Sandven Director of Coaching

    Jason has been coaching with SYF for several years. Jason believes in hard work, positivity, and pushing his athletes to find thier potential.  Jason brings a lot of experience to the board from championship coaching to running a successful small buisness. Spartan Pride.

  • Scott Loehndorf Equipment Manager


    I have been a proud member of the SYF Family for 4 years. I have also been a board member for 2 years and an assist coach. I take pride in ensuring every player has equipment that is in top working order, is certified for safety, and quality as they take the field. I‘m passionate about the values we instill and reinforce through our coaching. Integrity, compassion, determination and Honor of the game are the key ingredients to success and I am proud of what I do for OUR players.


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  • Scott Armstrong Equipment Manager

  • Dustin Russell Fundraising and Concessions Coordinator

    Dustin joined SYF 4 years ago when his son Levi started playing as a peewee. This will be Dustin's 3rd year as a defensive coordinator. Dustin and his wife revived the concessions program last year and look forward to helping grow the program.

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  • Shelia Bland Player/Parent Coordinator
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  • Kyle Eldridge At-Large

    Kyle is entering his 7th year on the SYF board.  Kyle has 13 years of coaching experience through various sports, he has 2 kids; 1 daughter and 1 son.  Kyle is a Senior Manager at The Boeing Company, but football is his passion.

    (425) 923-3133 (cell)

  • Reed Bumgarner At-Large

    Reed has been a part of Stanwood Youth Football for close to 10 years and is one of the all time winningest coaches in SYF history. Reed splits his time between SYF and coaching high school, as well as running a successful small business.

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