USA Football

Fundraising is an essential function for SYF in order to bridge the gap between our goal of making football affordable and in meeting our organizations financial needs.

In addition to the registration fees, SYF expects that every player participate in reaching a fundraising goal in the amount of $100 in the league's anual fundraising event. This is typcially done by our annual Car Wash Event or by Sponsorship and Donations.

Fundraising can be a great source of fun for our players and families to come together as a team to meet a certain goal. However, we also realize that not every family has the time to dedicate to Fundraising. Therefore, we are offering our football families the option to either fundraise the goal amount or individually pay out of pocket the fundraising amount (or "Buyout") or you can do a combination of both.

Buying out of the fundraising does not mean that you can skip the fundraising related team event. It is expected that every player make every effort possible to participate in the event; your team depends upon everybody being there, just like in a game!

We also raise funds by offering a Concessions stand at all of our home games. We always need help manning this stand and is expected that one person from each family to cover atleast one shift during the season.

Without the support and participation of all of our players and families, none of this would be possible. Thank you!