USA Football
Frequently Asked Questions

I registered my player for football, what should I expect next?

1) Make sure to pay your balance in full by June 1st. You can do this by signing on to your online account (just as you did to register) and clicking "Pay Now". You can make as many payments as you'd like as long as full payment is made by June 1st.

If payment is not received by this date then your registration will become suspended. As a result of this, your player might not get their name or jersey number listed of their choice, and they may not be included in the team assignments.

2) Mark your calendar for Important Dates on our website.

3) You must provide ALL of the following to your coach/team mom the first week of practice. Your player cannot participate in the Jamboree or Games without a these copies being approved. No exceptions.

a. Certified Birth Certificate or Passport (NO COPIES). A database will be maintained so that these players will only need to show this once during their playing career in the NSJFL. (you will receive this back after the Jamboree). You can order birth certificates from WA State by clicking here.

b. School Report Card or Letter signed on original letterhead from school

c. Copy of Utility Bill

4) Check your emails, our website and FaceBook Page regularly for up to date info. Make sure you add to your address book so our correspondence does not end up in your Junk Folder.

5) Stay hydrated and get ACTIVE this summer!! Players have a month to condition before games but it is always a good plan to be active and exercise prior to practice beginning.

Does SYF offer Financial Aid?

Yes, we have monies specifically set aside for partial and full financial aid for those in need. Please visit our Forms and Handout section on the main menu of our website for the FA application. Once the application is received, it goes through a FA Committee for approval and you will be notified if of the status within a few weeks.

What Equipment is covered in the registration fees and what will I need to provide?

SYF will provide helmet, chin strap, standard issue mouth guard, shoulder pads, game jersey, game pants and custom game socks are provided with full payment of registration fees.

Player will need to provide: practice jersey, padded practice pants and football cleats. It is not necessary, but sometimes players prefer to upgrade their mouth guards, their cleat insoles for more padding and shock pads, to provide additional support to the shoulders, chest, and back. These are optional.

Game socks are required on Game Days, if your player loses his issued pair, then you can purchase more from your Team Mom at $15 per pair.

You may go to Football Resources from our main page or click here to go directly to more information on Football Cleats and Football Equipment.

How do I know what size my player is for his game jersey, pants etc.

We will have several sizing events beginning the end of May and into June in which you will be notified. It is a good idea to attend these events to make sure your player is properly fitted with shoulder pads on etc for their jerseys. The jerseys will come custom to your player (with their last name on them), if you didn't attend the sizing event and your players jersey does not fit you may be responsible for purchasing another jersey.

When will my player receive his gear?

The gear issue events are mandatory attendance and we will have several dates available for you to attend beginning in July (dates tbd). If you have not paid your registration fees in full you will not be issued gear.

NEW POLICY!!! Due to the lack of players attending the gear return last year, we have been forced to impose an Equipment Deposit policy. We will collect a check from you of $200 at Gear Issue. This will be held securely (not cashed) during the season and if gear is not returned at gear return dates upon season ending then the check will be deposited. Once gear has been returned you will receive your check back.

TIP: Once your helmet has been issued, please have your player wear this helmet for 15-30 minutes a day, prior to practice beginning, to get used to the feel and tightness of it. This is one of the biggest complaints from players the first few weeks, is the "helmet headache". This uncomfortable feeling should go away after intital break-in period. If not, please speak to your coach about this.

Can I use my own equipment?

Yes, please see our policy on Personal Equipment.

What days and where will practices be held?

Typically, a combination of 3 and 4-day weekly practices occur on the weekdays and are usually between the hours of 5pm-8pm. Practices for Pee-Wee's are usually 2 hours in duration where the 89'ers, Junior, Bantam and Senior Teams may practice 2-3 hours through August. Practice duration decreases during school calendar. Emails will be sent within a week or two prior to practices starting with practice schedules for your team.

Practices sites are TBD, but will either be at Stanwood Middle, Port Susan Middle or the High School lower field.

What to expect at practice?

BE ON TIME! If your player is not on time it takes away from the effectiveness of the team. ALWAYS call or text your team parent or coach if you will miss practice or be late. During game season, lack of attendance or consistent lateness may affect play time in game.

If getting to practice is an issue due to work schedules, let your coach or team mom know and almost always carpooling arrangements can be made with other parents.

HYDRATE before, during and after practice!

Get proper REST! Not enough rest affects ability and motivation.

THE FIRST THREE DAYS of practice are non-contact - NO exceptions or waivers. It is suggested players only wear Helmet, T-shirt, cleats and to bring their enthusiasm! Sounds easy, right? Nope! Players will be subjected to 2 - 3 hours a day of learning, conditioning and stretching in the sun. Players will run and then run more, perform various skill drills, and be expected to learn Football Stance, Gaps, and Cadence etc.

THE FOURTH DAY AND THEREAFTER - Now the fun begins, the kids get a taste of full contact! Players will be introduced to proper blocking and tackling techniques and get a taste of knocking the snot out of each other! The drills will gradually get more intense with each following week.

This first week is often when a player will decide for themselves if football is right for them. Be respectful to your player by being supportive and encourage perseverance! For most, it's worth it to continue; for some it is not. You and your player will know what is the right decision for him/her.

What is your Refund Policy?

Please see our Policies Page

When and where are the games?

Games begin August 27th and are on Saturdays (except for Labor Day weekend), Playoffs and Championships usually take place in late October/early November.

Sometimes we don't receive the game schedules until very close to the 1st game. Please be patient; the schedule will be given to you as soon as it becomes available to us.


It is expected that all players fundraise! This offsets the difference between SYF's goal of an affordable program and the financial needs of the organization. For more information about this, visit our Fundraising page.


It is expected that all players volunteer at least 5 hours or more of your time during the season. Please visit our Volunteering page for more information.

If registration fills up, do you have a waitlist?

We will do our best to get your child on a team. If they are put on a wait list they may be added to an existing team. If the waitlist reaches numbers that justify adding another team, we will do just that.....pending the ability to field an additional coaching staff.

What is SYF's policy for accepting coaches?

Per NSJFL policy - All coaches must submit to a Washington State background check before having contact with players. They must be approved by SYF Board. They must complete the USA Football Heads-up Tackling training. They also must attend the NSJFL preseason coaches orientation meeting.

What if I have a concern or complaint about a coach?

More times than not addressing the coach privately and respectfully results in the situation being resolved. If, however, your concern hasn't been addressed please bring your concern to the board member in charge of coaching compliance. Please keep in mind we have minimum play standards that coaches are to adhere to. The only exceptions are if a player has sustained an injury preventing them from play, and if coach feels there's a legitimate safety issue by entering your child into the game. This would also include inadequate amount of weekly practice hours. Coaching styles vary. So unless you feel that the coach is being abusive to a player, give coaches grace to implement their game plan with his/her coaching style.

How do I care and clean players uniform and equipment?

For care and instructions on cleaning your uniform, please see Uniform Care and Cleaning form.

Who do I contact for questions?


Phone: 425-422-9106



Twitter: @StanwoodYouthFB

Mailing Address:

Stanwood Youth Football

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